First Announcement

October 5 – 10, 2015, Tomsk, Russia


The 6th International Conference «Actual Problems of Radiophysics» (APR 2015), will be held on October,
5st – 10th, 2015, in Tomsk, Russia.

The aim of the conference is to provide opportunities to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of radiophysics and its applications. Round table talks will be arranged.


APR 2015 Sections:

• Interaction of radio waves with inhomogeneous media and objects.

• Radio tomography and ultrawideband sounding.

• Metamaterials, magnetic materials and nanotechnology in radiophysics and electronics.

• Nanoelectromagnetics.

• Methods and devices for measuring the electromagnetic properties of materials at GHz and THz.

• Materials and devices of micro-, opto- and nanoelectronics.

• Semiconductor detectors and sensors.

• Laser and opto-electronic systems.

• Computer optics, digital holography, image processing.

• Quantum electronics, photonics and nonlinear optics.

• Materials and devices of nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics.

• Nonlinear dynamics, synergetics and fractal geometry in radiophysics and optics.

• Information technologies for the studying complex systems.

• Physics of the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere.

• Solar-terrestrial physics and physical environment.

• Modern teaching in radiophysics, radio engineering and optics.

• Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with substance.


Working languages: Russian and English


Submission policy: Papers should be submitted in Russian or English.


Extended summary up to 3 pages will be published in the Conference Proceedings before the conference. Selected papers will be published in Russian Physics Journal after reviewing. We kindly ask the authors to provide us with materials for both issues. The extended abstract must be attached. Abstract and a list of keywords should be included as well as names and affiliations of all authors facilitating the assignment of papers to referee.


Important dates:

- April 5, 2015 – Submission deadline.

- April 15, 2015 – Notification of acceptance.

- May 15, 2015 – Extended summary submission deadline.

- June 15, 2015 – Request of demonstration tools.


Authors are encouraged to submit their papers electronically.


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 Electronic submission should be sent to:

 Web-site of Conference:


Special events

During the conference special events will be organized:

- tour around the city,

- an excursion to museums of Tomsk State University,

- visits to Institutes of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.


Further information:

Olga Dotsenko

Faculty of Radiophysics

Tomsk State University

36 Lenin Ave.,

Tomsk, Russia.